In the Era of Digital Media where a minor things capture hype these days in just blink of an eye,
keeping your reputation good these days is a difficult task. The way your brand is represented in
the online world including your customers should be closely mentioned.
Earlier it used to be a difficult task to give someone a feedback which others can also see, ratings
which can be seen to know where a business stands, search results which didn’t use to comprises
of much details about any company and the wikipedia pages which easily used to be get edited.
But now the days has come where all such things can happen in just a click and in just a minute.
Now your public can leave reviews, give you ratings and can comment anything they would like.
Complaints can easily be filed and that would be visible to all other public too. There are many
factors that are affecting your reputation these days.

Search Engine Results
Google and other search engine’s SERP results are creating online impression of your brand
which shows the public your online image that what your public thinks about you and how they
sees you. Getting any negative news in search results against you can lead to the destruction of
you reputation as people catches the negatives first than reach on to positives.
You also must have heard that one negative is far more noticeable than the hundreds of positives.

Social Media
You can’t just win the race by controlling the search engines aspects and always doing good
from your side, there are many who wants to ruin your image and take advantage of and social
media is the platform which can make you king and can make you fall in just a night. So using
social media to influence your public is important and need to analyzed properly whether
someone isn’t using it against you.

Reviews and Ratings
Since last five years reviews and ratings have been taken into prior considerations to judge any
business or a product. Reviews are something that tells the public how much effective services a
specific business is providing and ratings are the aspect that provides us with the parameters that
how much they have gotten succeed in providing such.
Reviews and ratings must be good else you loose your hands on your customers and the
customers to be.

Wikipedia Pages
Wikipedia is the most trusted source of information but the same time could sabotage the
reputation too. Almost 50% of times when your search the results about any business you’ll get
Wikipedia pages ranked at the top for the prior information and some are directly reliable on the
Wikipedia sources to get into the nerves of any information so the wrong information on the
wiki pages can affect you so badly which you need to look upon with your reputation experts.

Google My Business
The first thing that appears along side the Google searches is the Google’s knowledge panel that
appears to be the first impression to be reflected against your business name and its image. So
make sure none of the information containing any wrong aspect about your business.
You can either create your own knowledge panel or the Google can do it by their own to form a
business information to be reflected in Google.

Active Presence of your Brand Online
There are several other online platforms that people search to know about any business so it is
important to know which platforms these could be according the size and nature of your business
and get yourself involved in those platforms.
For Example: Just Dial and Sulekha are the platforms that people also search in for knowing
about any business or product to get the proper details about it.

How Google Can Affect Your Reputation
Google is the lone source that can easily influence your reputation alone and can make you star
single handedly and vice versa.

69% of audience get influences by the Google search results while we talk about the recent
research conducted on the basis. Most of the public finds google the most reliable source of
information to be trusted upon. Google has made itself convenient enough for their users to get
in lean of any information.

Google has a lot to show to their users like the key suggestions, related searches, google my
business listing, wikipedia, Images, separate news column, etc. So you can’t just avoid google
easily and if your any negative result appearing in the searches than it is very harmful for you
and almost 70% of people can easily trust on the things shown on Google, leaving the rest for
some logical considerations.

So the prior step that you can take while revising your reputation is to check the Google search
results first as if it didn’t got a respond quickly than it can ruin you in several ways.

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