Review Management

Is Your Online Reputation hurting your business?

Businesses and brands that only receive one or two stars
on websites like Yelp or Google risk losing 86% of their prospects

Improve Reviews to gain more trustworthy customers / TAGLINE: Make customers your friend and get positive Reviews & Ratings.

our approach

For 80% of consumers, online reviews have changed their minds for purchase, emphasizing the necessity for companies to take care, reply and manage the online reviews. We offer online review management services and software that help your business attract more reviews and sales, and happy clients too.

How we improve your reviews?

  • Asks customers directly for a Review
  • Send follow up mail – Thanking them, Telling why feedback is important and Provide a direct link to give review.
  • Leaving behind a Review Card
  • Add review link to your site
  • Install some Review Generator Tools
  • Tackle the bad reviews in a way that shows you formal, cared and cool at a same time.
  • Add calls to action and popup on your website
  • Respond to Reviewers

Review Management Services

  • Monitor Online Reviews
  • Asks Feedback
  • Provide Review Cards
  • Conquer Negative Reviews Promptly
  • Encourage Positive Reviews


 Review Platforms

  •  Google
  • Social Media
  • Bing
  • App Reviews
  • Trip Advisor Reviews and many more
Monitoring Existing Reviews

The Process starts with monitoring the existing online reviews of the business. We look for the negative reviews violating the terms of service of the site and try to get them removed at first place.

Encourage Positive Reviewers

Then we encourage the positive reviewers who gave the positive reviews and try to invite them onto the other review platforms to give their review so that the quantity of positive reviews could be increased.

Keep Eye on Negative Reviewers

Look for negative reviewers, catch them up right at the time they posted a review and try to manipulate them with their aspects and encourage other positive reviewers to put on more high quality reviews on to the site.

Direct Dissatisfied Customers

Finally we direct the dissatisfied customers to you to solve their queries and turn them into your satisfied customers and that’s totally your efforts that how would you deal them and prepare for your positive review giver.

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    Reasons for Negative Reviews

    Review Management IndiaBad Reviews isn’t always mean the bad business, there are some bad days also due to which you could get bad reviews. But having a good business doesn’t mean you’re doing good with the customers dealing.

    You have to make sure that customer is satisfied throughout the stages otherwise you also know how a bad review can impact you in a very deadly way.

    Brand with good reviews look attractive and trustable.

    Other reasons for having bad reviews are:

    1. Less Customer Interaction
    2. Unheard Complaints
    3. Absence of Encouraging Behavior
    4. Bad Experience of your customers
    5. Mismatched Expectations

    Benefits of having us as your Review Management experts

    We provide you with the 360° approach of your online review management services starting from tackling negative reviews to making them positive to full proof monitoring, testing and improvements.


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